A history of tradition: Family Hotel Ciampian

A passion for tourism since 1960

Once upon a time… This is how all the best stories begin.

And this is exactly how ours begins: once upon a time there was a man named Giovanni Battista Vadagnini, who, with his wife Elena, gave life to the first chapters of this hotel’s story.

In the 1960s, the whole family started to build Hotel Ciampian. But why “Ciampan”? The inspiration comes from the name of the area where the hotel is located, namely ‘località Ciampian’, which is a small district of Moena whose name means ‘flat field’ in the Ladin language.

Boxing Day, December 26, 1960. Grandparents Battista and Elena, together with their children, inaugurated their hotel with the first guests, thus igniting a new passion: tourism.

In 1980, Giovanni, one of Battista and Elena’s six children, took over Hotel Ciampian with his family as sole owner. Since then there have been numerous renovations and extensions, giving the hotel the appearance you see today, and which will continue over time to ensure that our guests always receive the best possible service.

Let’s take a leap forward in time to the present day and the third generation: Roberto and Barbara, with their daughters Nicole, Sabrina and Isabel today continue this wonderful work with passion and dedication: from our family to yours.

It is difficult to summarise our History in just a few lines, but we hope we have aroused your interest. We would love to tell you more about our story when we welcome you as a guest: we await you at the Family Hotel Ciampian in Moena.

Vadagnini family